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Cinnamon Radiant Ring
360 Cinnamon Radiant Ring Cinnamon Radiant Ring Cinnamon Radiant Ring

Cinnamon Radiant Ring


The “Cinnamon Radiant Ring” is a tribute to exquisite elegance and timeless beauty. A breathtaking cinnamon-colored radiant-cut diamond shines at the center of this ring, framed by two graceful trapeze diamonds. The warm, intense play of colors of the cinnamon diamond gives this ring an incomparable radiance, while the trapeze diamonds on the sides provide additional sparkle and sophistication. Wear the “Cinnamon Radiant Ring” for special occasions or as an everyday statement piece to express your love of beauty and elegance.

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Material: 18kt/750 yellow gold
Stones: 1 radiant-cut diamond, 0.85ct. (Cinnamon-SI) 2x trapezoid diamonds 0,26ct
Ring size: 54
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